Season 1 Episode 1: The Beginning

The first Weekly Owl Report was a little rough, but got a good reception from Mr. Earls’ 5th grade class!


Season 1 Episode 2: New Visitors

To get a good video of prey capture, in fall 2020 we put a store bought mouse outside for the nearby owl to take. While the video was well-liked, baiting wild animals this way is not a good idea, so we stopped doing it. The female came to the box every day this week and Kailey joined the crew.


Season 1 Episode 3: A Look Back

As we waited for eggs to appear, we highlight footage from last year’s box. Around this time, Mr. Earls showed Mike Szydlowski (the science coordinator for the school district) who thought the report was good enough to put on the Columbia Public Schools' weekly science show!


Season 1 Episode 4: The Squirrel Menace!

The squirrel menace rears it’s ugly head! Still no eggs… yet!


Season 1 Episode 5: New Behavior

Tatum joins Kailey to give some background on the life cycle of the barred owl, based on our own observations over the years. For instance, we saw that the chicks are mature enough to leave the box just as most of the trees are leafing out.


Season 1 Episode 6: Eggs at Last!

Finally we see eggs! At Henry’s mom’s suggestion, Henry asks the class if they want to send in some owl art for us to put on the show. He got drawings, 3D printed owls, piano pieces and more.


Season 1 Episode 7: Egg Care

There’s a change in the female's behavior as she transitions to nesting and remains in the box for longer periods, hooting from within. The male responds with more food deliveries to the box.


Season 1 Episode 8: A Tragic Loss

It didn’t seem right when the female vacated the box, leaving the eggs while it was really cold. It may have resulted in the loss of an egg.


Season 1 Episode 9: Hungry Hungry Owl Mom

The male ramps up his food deliveries and we take a look. A good sampling of owl vocals.


Season 1 Episode 10: The Big Fight!

An epic battle to defend the eggs! Mr. Earls invited some bird expert friends of his to join our Zoom class. They helped explain some of the owl behavior the class was seeing! We also noticed some new behavior. The female was setting food aside for later.


Season 1 Episode 11: Hooting & Caching

April fools! Emmett joins the crew as we explore some new owl behavior and sounds!


Season 1 Episode 12: How We Build an Owl Box

Guest Shane shows how we build an owl box! “You just have to believe in yourself” is an inside joke with the class.